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About us

More than 12 years of experience in the communications sphere

Brandnomika co-founder Robertas Šapalas has been working in the traditional and social media communications sphere for over 12 years. Thanks to his communications strategies, a number of companies, organisations and personal brands have become more visible in the media and on social networks. Increased visibility markedly contributes to accomplishing a company or organisation’s ambitious goals, while a strong personal image and brand serve to open wide opportunities for professional growth.

Robertas Šapalas’ achievements in communications

- ISM University of Management and Economics was recognised twice as the best communicating on social media education institution in Lithuania.

- Due to purposeful communication both on traditional media and social networks, businessman Ilja Laursas was recognised as the most desirable employer in Lithuania.

- The Lithuanian national basketball team forward Edgaras Ulanovas became the first Lithuanian athlete to interact with fans through a direct broadcast on social media. Later, this type of interaction gained popularity among other athletes in our country as well.

- Telia Lietuva was recognised as the best telecommunications company in the Baltic States at making use of the social network LinkedIn.

- The alternative financing company SME Finance saw its visibility on traditional and social media increase twofold.